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All fees must be paid in full before services can be rendered. For travel distances longer than 30 minutes, a standard mileage fee will also be incurred.


At B.R.A.V.E., the ratio of dogs to trainers is kept small to allow each student to receive multiple opportunities for one on one coaching from a certified professional during every class. There are typically two to four dogs in each course. Up to two makeup classes are included in your purchase of a package of an eight week course to accommodate travel, illness, car troubles, etc. Additionally, if an AKC test is offered at the end of the course, the fee for the first attempt is covered in the course fee. Students are required to bring their own treats and equipment.

- Package of eight, one hour sessions (eight week and rolling admission courses): $480
- Package of four, one hour sessions (rolling admission courses only): $260
- One, one hour session (rolling admission courses only): $70

Course Catagories:

Puppy Obedience Course

Trick Training Courses

Obedience Courses

Therapy Dog Training Course

Off Leash Obedience Courses

Service Dog Training Course


Private pet training is intended to address the needs of the average pet dog. Training sessions can be conducted at your home or at a pet-friendly location in the community. Clients may either select a B.R.A.V.E. course curriculum to follow or they can opt to have a training plan specially designed to suit their needs. During private sessions, we can introduce and expand obedience skills, address common behavioral concerns, work toward a sport title, practice therapy dog skills, learn how to increase your bond with your dog, and much more. If your dog struggles with aggression or anxiety, the behavior modification track would be more appropriate. If your dog is a service dog in training, then the service dog training track is what you are looking for. These types of training will be conducted by a trainer with extensive, specialized knowledge and education in those fields.

- Initial consultation: $120
- One, 30 minute session: $50
- One, 1 hour session: $100
- Package of four, 1 hour sessions: $395
- Package of eight, one hour sessions: $790


Work with a certified professional canine trainer to address anxiety and aggression the right way using scientifically proven, force-, fear-, and intimidation-free methods of behavior modification. Your B.R.A.V.E. Canine Trainer will work with you to develop a training plan specifically curtailed to your individual needs. Training sessions will be conducted either at your home or in pet-friendly places in the community.

- Initial Consultation: $200
- One, 1 hour session: $160

- Package of four, 1 hour sessions: $635
- Package of eight, 1 hour sessions: $1270


A service dog is trained to do work or perform tasks to mitigate the symptoms of their handler's disability. During various stages of the training process, it may be necessary for you and your service dog in training to meet privately with your B.R.A.V.E. Canine Trainer or have your dog stay with your trainer for a board and train. This may be helpful in covering obedience skills, task training, public access training, or in overcoming a training challenge.

- Puppy Selection: $240
- Initial Consultation: $320
- One, 1 hour session: $160

- Package of four, 1 hour sessions: $635
- Package of eight, 1 hour sessions: $1270
- Board and train (minimum of two weeks): $1500 per week

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