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 B.R.A.V.E. Pet Services LLC trains pet, therapy, and service dogs to perform with precision and reliability without the use of force, fear, or intimidation. We believe that a well behaved dog is able to be a more active member of your family, which is why we hold the pet dogs in our training program to the same standards of obedience as our service dogs. Our classes occur in a variety of pet-friendly locations, ensuring polite behavior inside and outside of your home.


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 B.R.A.V.E. offers a variety of titling opportunities through the American Kennel Club to help our clients set achievable goals throughout the training process. We also offer specialized training to help you prepare for therapy dog evaluations, service dog public access testing, and some dog sport and trick titles.

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 Don't see what you're looking for here? We may still offer that service. Reach out and ask us so we can connect you with one of our trainers or refer you to one of our trusted colleagues.

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PUPPY SOCIALIZATION AND OBEDIENCE | 8 weeks to 6 months of age | No prerequisite

Puppies experience a socialization window between four weeks and four months of age. During this developmental period, puppies form their understanding of what is safe, dangerous, and appropriate. The number one best way to prevent anxiety and aggression in adult dogs is by facilitating positive and controlled interactions with a wide variety of sights, sounds, smells, and textures as well as dog savvy people and dogs so that your puppy learns to be a well adjusted, polite member of society. This course will walk you through the socialization process step by step while also introducing the obedience skills your puppy needs to be a successful adult.

Skills Covered:

Shaping interactions with unfamiliar stimuli

Facilitated interactions with new people and friendly dogs

Focus and attention in new and interesting locations

Introduction to loose leash walking and heeling

Course Length: 8 weeks

Introduction to cooperative veterinary and grooming care

Prevention of behavioral issues, such as resource guarding

Coming when called and preparation for off leash obedience

Basic cues, such as sit, down, wait, leave it and other essentials

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test offered at the end of this course


BASIC OBEDIENCE | 4 months of age and up | No prerequisite

Our Basic Obedience course is designed to meet the basic needs of the average dog owner, creating a solid foundation for pet and working dogs alike. By polling the patrons at pet expos in the state of Virginia, B.R.A.V.E. was able to gauge which issues the average dog owner struggles with most. Using this data, we created a course that addresses top concerns, such as leash pulling, impolite greetings, and inattention. This course is for dogs of any age, from young adolescents to graying seniors. Regardless of age or ability level, any dog can work on developing a foundation or improving their skills.

Skills Covered:

Introduction to handling skills and mechanics

Introduction and expansion of impulse control exercises

Developing polite greeting manners with strangers

Introduction and expansion of loose leash walking skills

Building focus and attention on the handler

Properly responding to distracting or scary stimuli

Coming when called and preparation for off leash obedience

Basic cues, such as sit, down, stay, leave it, and laying on a mat

Course Length: 8 weeks

INTERMEDIATE OBEDIENCE | 6 months of age and up | Prerequisite: Basic Obedience

Proofing is the process by which we generalize learned cues to duration, distraction, and distance. It is an essential part of increasing the reliability of known skills so we can count on our dog to respond as expected under a variety of circumstances. In this course, your dog will learn to perform cues for longer periods of time, at greater distances, and in multiple new environments. While the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test is offered at the conclusion of Intermediate Obedience, this course goes far beyond its requirements in order to better prepare you and your dog for the real world.

Skills Covered:

Increasing the duration of known behaviors

Introducing distractions to all known behaviors

Ignoring strangers soliciting attention without asking

Refusing food offered by strangers without asking

Course Length: 8 weeks

Increasing the distance expected for come and stay

Practicing known cues and leash manners in new environments

Loose leash walking past food and trash left on the ground

Skills for the CGC Test will be practiced in every class

AKC Canine Good Citizen Test offered at the end of this course

COMMUNITY CANINE | 8 months of age and up | Prerequisite: Intermediate Obedience

One of the ultimate goals of B.R.A.V.E. Pet Services LLC is to help animals and pet owners live happier lives together. Taking your dog along on outings to pet-friendly wineries, breweries, farmer's markets, outdoor restaurants, and stores can be a great way to expand their world and integrate them into the family. However, this has to be done safely and responsibly. In this course, you and your dog will practice the skills you need to be successful in places of pet-friendly public accommodation. We'll go on multiple field trips to pet-friendly businesses throughout this course to increase your confidence in these challenging environments.

Skills Covered:

Offering focus and attention around heavy distractions

Loose leash walking in crowded environments

Holding a stay while the owner is busy far away

Polite patronage in pet-friendly public businesses

Course Length: 8 weeks

Settling on a mat around food and other distractions

Practicing polite interactions with many kinds of strangers

Coming when called past a variety of different distractions

Troubleshooting challenges and safety concerns in public places

AKC Community Canine Test offered at the end of this course

ADVANCED OBEDIENCE | 10 months of age and up | Prerequisite: Community Canine

While this course is designed to be a prerequisite for service dogs before they begin non-pet friendly public access, it is our belief that all dogs should know these skills. We highly encourage all pet owners to participate. This course builds on Community Canine by polishing your dog's obedience and increasing their reliability in pet friendly places of public accommodation. We will also master several skills that come in handy in outdoor environments and around the home, such as responding to cues at distances up to 20 ft. and around other dogs and children. You, too, can train your dog to be as well behaved as a service dog.

Skills Covered:

Continuing to build focus under heavy distraction

Heeling through backwards and lateral movement

Holding a stay while the owner interacts with another dog

Tucking safely out of the way in pet-friendly public places

Responding to cues around unruly dogs and children

Responding to obedience cues from a distance

Increasing the fluency of position cues such as sit, down, and stand

Settling for extended durations and at a distance from the owner

Course Length: 8 weeks


BASIC OFF LEASH SKILLS | 8 weeks of age and up | No prerequisite

Training your dog to be reliable off leash not only allows you to enjoy off leash, outdoor recreation together, but it also serves an essential safety purpose in case your dog ever gets loose. You and your dog can begin working on off leash obedience at any age. In fact, we believe the best time to start is at eight weeks old. In this course, we will introduce essential foundational skills for off leash obedience. Using many of the same methods employeed by wildlife conservationists and search and rescue teams, we will teach you and your dog to enjoy the great outdoors safely without the use of an electric collar or other aversive tools.

Skills Covered:

Building relationship for a connected off leash experience

Remaining within a predetermined radius of the owner

Polite trail manners, such as passing and clean up

Introduction to essential off leash safety equipment

Coming when called in outdoor environments

Ignoring distractions, such as wildlife, water, people, and dogs

Handling encounters with aggressive off leash dogs

Developing a plan to efficiently recover a lost dog

Course Length: 8 weeks

ADVANCED OFF LEASH SKILLS | 6 months of age and up | Prerequisite: Basic Off Leash

A truly stellar off leash hiking buddy needs more than just the most essential safety skills taught in Basic Off Leash Skills. Whether you and your dog enjoy casual, one mile off leash hikes on the weekend or you're hoping to start camping and backpacking together, this course will introduce you to more sophisticated off leash skills intended to increase your dog's reliability off leash. Known cues will be proofed in a variety of outdoor environments and over greater distances. Additional safety skills will also be taught as well as a variety of cues that increase ease and efficiency on the trails and at camp grounds.

Skills Covered:

Long distance coming when called to a whistle

Introduction to different walking positions

Practicing heeling past distractions on the trail

Maintaining a stay while the owner completes a task

Coming when called away from high value distractions

Responding to obedience cues from a distance

Responding to emergency down cue out of motion

Introduction to skills essential for camping and backpacking

Course Length: 8 weeks


ALL THINGS TRICKS | 8 weeks of age and up | No prerequisite

Trick training is a great way to build valuable traits in your dog, such as confidence and problem-solving abilities, while simultaneously honing your handling mechanics. Many tricks require a dog-human team to overcome challenges in communication and coordination, making trick training an ideal medium through which to improve your bond and actively engage your dog's mind. This course is a great option for puppies who are just learning how to learn, active dogs in need of a challenge, or even nervous dogs who could benefit from a confidence booster. All Things Tricks runs on rolling admission, so you can come for as many classes as you need in order to reach your goals.

Skills Covered:

Introduction to and expansion of lure and reward skills

Building confidence interacting with surfaces and objects

Performing tricks for an audience or camera

Introduction to and expansion of shaping skills

Introduction of props into trick training

Chaining together a sequence of tricks to create a routine

Trick Examples: High five, roll over, give kisses, wave hello, weave through your legs, jump through circled arms, sit pretty while holding a flag, hand stand, put toys in a basket, and any other creative trick you can think of! The sky's the limit!

Course Length: Rolling Admission

AKC Trick Dog evaluations Novice to Elite Performer offered


Therapy Dog Skills | 10 months of age and up | Prerequisite: Community Canine

Therapy dogs play a vital role by providing affection, comfort, and support to individuals in hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities, disaster areas, and other volunteer settings. At B.R.A.V.E., we believe it is important to make sure your dog is well prepared for all of the sights, sounds, and experiences they might encounter while volunteering. This helps ensure that you, your dog, and the people you visit all have a safe and enjoyable time. In this course, we will focus heavily on building positive associations with unique situations. We will also teach your dog valuable cues to help you facilitate interactions in therapy contexts. Read more about our therapy dog requirements

Skills Covered:

Desensitization to unique behaviors and mannerisms

Desensitization to various pieces of adaptive equipment

Increasing comfort with different petting positions

Teaching your dog to rest their head in someone's lap

Course Length: 8 weeks

Introduction to cooperative veterinary and grooming care

Desensitization to noises encountered in therapy settings

Practicing reading you dog for low level stress signals

Introducing fun tricks to show during visits

Teams may work toward AKC Therapy Dog titles


Service Dog Skills | 1 year of age and up | Prerequisite: B.R.A.V.E. Service Dog Program

Service dogs are trained to do work or perform tasks to mitigate the symptoms of a person's disability. The primary focus of this course is to prepare dogs in the B.R.A.V.E. Service Dog program for public access in non-pet-friendly locations. We will practice in a variety of environments, including but not limited to restaurants, movie theaters, shopping areas, department stores, metro stations, airports, libraries, cafeterias, and sporting events. Skills necessary to navigate common public access challenges will be introduced and scenarios will be practiced so that teams can confidently enjoy everything the world has to offer. To learn more about the B.R.A.V.E. Service Dog program, click

Skills Covered:

Working in a wide variety of non-pet-friendly places

Calmly handling barking, lunging, and off leash dogs

Riding on public transportation such as buses and taxis

Reading your dog for low level signs of stress

Course Length: Rolling Admission

Performing tasks reliably in every environment

Tolerating examination by a stranger in a uniform

Settling and loose leash walking with a trusted helper

Effectively addressing public access challenges

Teams may work toward the B.R.A.V.E. Public Access Test

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