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Train Anywhere in the World Through the


The B.R.A.V.E. Online Academy is a fully comprehensive virtual training program consisting of live training sessions with a certified professional trainer, virtual coaching based on video submissions, and access to our constantly growing exclusive library of video tutorials and educational resources. We have successfully worked with clients all across the United States, from Montana to Florida. Our B.R.A.V.E. Canine and Feline Trainers receive specialized education from top trainers like the internationally esteemed aggression in dogs expert, Michael Shikashio, to ensure they have the skills necessary to make our online training sessions equally as effective as our in person classes. Through the B.R.A.V.E. Online Academy, you can work on concepts like obedience and house manners, behavior modification for anxiety and aggression, trick training, and many phases of therapy and service dog training.

What Our Clients Say


"My dog Milky came to us at 4 months of age and had a few problems. Being timid and anxious were at the top of my list. With Wyatt's help, my dog is a totally different dog. He is no longer afraid of noises in the house or outside when we go on walks. He’s been working with me in my home on google duo. This training has worked better than I expected, and in fact, great! Wyatt demonstrates commands with his dog Noel, and then my dog, Milky, and I follow with the same command. This has worked wonderfully! Wyatt has really listened to me when I talk to him about my dog. He is very positive and cares that I have the skills and tools necessary to work effectively with my dog. I would highly recommend the online training."

- Joan P.


Get Answers to Our Most


Is virtual training less effective than in person training?

In our years of experience teaching online classes, we have not found this to be true. In fact, online classes can actually be more effective for some cases because having a trainer physically present may be an added distraction that requires additional time to work through for some animals. This can be especially true for excitable, fearful, or aggressive dogs or cats.

How does the program work?

The program begins like any private training with an initial consultation. During this consultation, your trainer will collect information about your pet and your goals. Following the consultation, your trainer will formulate a written, individualized training plan, which will serve as a road map for you throughout the training process.

You will meet once a week via Skype, Google Duo, or FaceTime with your B.R.A.V.E. Canine or Feline trainer. During these sessions, your trainer will verbally explain how to teach your pet a skill. Then, they will demonstrate the process with their own dog or cat. Next, they will ask you to attempt with your pet. From there, they will give you feedback and possibly re-demonstrate a particular concept until you and your pet are able to achieve the desired behavior.

Between your live sessions, you will have access to the online classroom, which has tuturial videos and educational guides. You will also submit a progress video halfway between your sessions. Your trainer will then review the video and send you feedback and next steps so that you can continue to progress between sessions. During your live sessions, your trainer may also pull up videos you've submitted so that they can bring key moments to your attention. This will help you to develop better behavioral analysis skills, teach you to recognize progress, and help you troubleshoot challenges.

What if I want to work on skills outside of my home?

If you have a smart phone that is able to use mobile data to make video calls and a miniature phone tripod, we should be able to hold classes in outdoor and pet-friendly locations. Since it is often beneficial to teach new behaviors in a low distraction environment, we will first teach foundation skills in your home. When your pet is ready, we will take these skills on the road. You will use your cell phone and the phone tripod to get set up in an outdoor or pet-friendly location and we will work through skills and challenges the same way we would in any other session.

How much does the training cost?

Because classes through the B.R.A.V.E. Online Academy hold the same value as our in person sessions, you can follow the same pricing guidelines as the in person sessions. To see a breakdown of training costs, click

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